Thursday, May 2, 2013

Juvenile Judge Greg Price reacts to juvenile justice code reform signed by Gov. Deal

Media release: Gov. Nathan Deal today signed into law sweeping reform to Georgia's juvenile justice code  according to Juvenile Court Judge Greg Price.  "The impact of the new legislation  will be significant on Rome and Floyd County,"  said Judge Price.   " Although part of the motivation for the State to  implement  a  revised Juvenile Court  Law and procedures is to save money,   a further motivation  has  been to reduce juvenile secure detention in favor of alternatives," Price continued.  "Our Court has anticipated this direction and already implemented some changes of our own, and we look forward to these new directions."

"Of course with any new circumstance, there will be bugs in the system that will need to be reviewed and revised.  In fact, one of the problems previously addressed by me with our legislative representatives has already been partly corrected, but we may still be having Court on certain of the legal Holidays, unless further revisions occur at the next legislative session in January."  "My office has already been in contact with representatives of the Emory Barton Clinic and the 'Just Georgia' project, who were co-proponents of the New Law, and they have acknowledged those certain issues we pointed out and are in the process of communicating the need for revision in January".

"I am just excited that with this new Law, there is  an opportunity to grow and improve upon those successes we already have achieved within  our Juvenile Court."  

Judge Price plans to have a public training seminar in November to introduce members of the school systems, law enforcement, DFCS, mental health providers and the public.  Further notice will be provided.

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