Friday, April 19, 2013

Sheriff's office names Matt Maddox employee of the quarter

Media release: Matt Maddox was named Employee of the Quarter ending April
15, 2013 by his peers.

Since assuming the duties of Instructor for the CHAMPS program, Dep. Maddox
has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and is noted as a person who
demonstrates exceptional dedication and inventiveness. Dep. Maddox
exemplifies and supports the Floyd County Sheriff's Office mission and
supports and strives to achieve its core values to be "positive in our

Dep. Maddox provides excellence in service and fosters collaboration,
communication and cooperation among his peers, management staff and
constituents. Matt was noted as one who takes the initiative to reduce
barriers through activities such as mentoring, voluntarily assisting
coworkers through his interaction with the Turning point program,
participating in various community events, as well as through the activities
of the CHAMPS program in our local schools. Dep. Maddox is always seeking
to engage in professional self-improvement and is a chaplain in our jail

Dep. Maddox is recognized for his exemplary contributions in performance, by
constantly exceeding what is expected. Dep. Maddox has demonstrated
perseverance to get the job done; he raised funds through his creative
efforts to impose a first ever, Zumbaton charity event to raise funds to
help purchase a much needed CHAMPS vehicle.

Matt has been with the Sheriff's Office for 4 years and has worked in
various capacities within the Jail, Civil/Courts and Warrant Division of the
Floyd County Sheriff's Office.

Please congratulate Dep. Maddox on a job well done!

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