Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rome High: 42 students named AP Scholars by the College Board

Media release: Rome High announces that 42 students were named AP Scholars by the College Board for their performance on the Advanced Placement (AP) tests for 2012. Rome had 28 students named AP Scholar (passing three AP tests), 10 students named AP School with Honors (passing 4 AP tests) and four students named AP Scholar with Distinction (passing 5 AP tests).
Rome High AP Scholar Data for 2012
* Students were in 11th grade and have not graduated.
AP Scholar with Distinction: 3.5 average and 3 or more on 5 or more exams (5 students)

Austin Beecham

Ethan Byrd

Austin Musselwhite

Michael Nedvin

AP Scholar with Honor: 3.25 average and 3 or more on 4 or more exams (10 students)

*Zachary Caldwell

Steve Chaffin

Megan Gaines

*Robina Gallagher

Yoo Jin Joung

James King

Brennan McElhone

Sebastian Perez

Ellen Tomlin

*Juhi Varshney

AP Scholar: 3 or higher on 3 or more exams (28 students)

Chloe Ammons

*Kennedy Blose

*Jordan Byars

Alexander Davis

*Abbey Deville

David Dickson

*Elena Diller

Meredith Gaines

*Zoe Gardner

Matthew Grindstaff

*Daniel Hester

*Emily Hook

William Howell

*Frank Hu

*Himara Koelmeyer

*Naomi Kramer

*Diana Larios-Coxaj

Emily Lataif

*Johnathan Mayfield

*Stephen McConkey

Jordan Shaw

*Taylor Simpson

Preston Smith

Jake Summerlin

*Nathaniel Tan

Johnathan White

*Frances Wilson

Taylor Wilson

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